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Can Bearded Dragons Go on Planes?

Bearded dragons, just like any other pet, love to spend time with their owners when they get comfortable enough with them. Spending more time with your bearded can form a more solid bond, making things more fun for you both.

can bearded dragons go on planes

If you are a certified jetsetter and a bearded dragon owner as well, you might be wondering if you can also take your pet with you during your travels. Can bearded dragons go on planes, too?

Yes, bearded dragons can go on planes but only if the airline allows you to take them with you inside the cabin. It is not good and recommended idea to have your bearded dragon in the cargo. It is also specifically dangerous to have your beardie as checked luggage because of the unheated and unpressurized environment there.

Can You Travel with Bearded Dragons on Planes?

Yes, you can travel, with both adult and young bearded dragons whether during vacation or when moving houses provided that your pet stays with you in the cabin. It is also important to take care of all their essential needs. Younger bearded dragons should specifically be shielded from cold and ensure that they are fed right on time.

Take note that flying with a bearded dragon won’t be easy and comfortable for your pet, and there are several things you should know first. It might also be a bit tricky to provide the ideal diet, humidity, and temperature for your beardie while flying, not to mention the air pressure present.

What are the Risks and Challenges of Traveling with Bearded Dragons on Planes?

Bearded dragons traveling on planes may be prone to developing stress, respiratory infections, as well as other issues. During worst-case scenarios, a bearded dragon that travels in the cargo may get lost. The luggage may also get delayed or worst of them all, the animal may even die.

There are lots of horror stories that may happen, so make sure you only fly with your beardie if and when you need it and only if you can take your pet on board with you. However, you also need to remember that most airlines don’t allow reptiles in the cabin.

Several airlines may let you put your beardie in the cargo, but some may not allow even that. For instance, Alaska airlines only allow nonpoisonous reptiles in climate-controlled cargo compartments and baggage.

Yet another bad news is that if the airline does let you take your beardie on board, the carrier’s maximum size can be approximately 17 to 18 inches in length. As you might know already, adult beardies can reach a length of 24 inches, and if yours is this long, don’t expect it to be allowed in the cabin due to its size.

This means that if you will only travel for a short time, you and your bearded dragon will be better off if you just ask someone to watch over your pet while you are away. You can also try arranging a tank for your beardie at your destination.

How to Prepare for Traveling with Your Bearded Dragon on a Plane

Before anything else, don’t forget to contact the airline to know if your bearded dragon is allowed in your destination country and have its health certificate ready.

Start preparations right away if you will be flying with your bearded and there are no other options. As mentioned earlier, Alaska Airlines is among those airlines that allow reptiles in the plane cargo section. Several airlines may also let you have your pet in cargo although you might still want to call them to inquire.

Call ahead of time or when booking your flight, or else, you might get rejected or the cargo may already be full. One more way of getting your beardie to your destination is using a 24-hour live delivery with a trusted courier.

You also need to confirm that you are allowed to bring your beardie to the country you will travel to if you will be traveling overseas. Some countries implement strict rules, posing the possibility of your reptile getting rejected. Most of the time, you also need an enhanced health certificate that has been issued just a few weeks before your trip.

Lastly, you should also pack your beardie for plane travel or live shipping. You can begin making the necessary arrangements if you have already booked a spot for your beardie in the climate-controlled cargo area on a plane.

You will most likely have your pet in cargo, or you can also opt for live shipping. Whatever route you choose between these two, you have to get and prepare a box with labels, insulation, hot or cold packs, and the like.

Be sure to read the individual instructions of the airline or shipping company you chose to use. While there are general guidelines, several rules may also vary depending on the company. Don’t forget to give water and feed your bearded dragon before you leave for your trip.

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling with your beardie on a plane or you are shipping it, it is important to prepare the carrier with correct labeling. You will need a box with Styrofoam inside for proper insulation. It will ensure that the box stays warm inside to keep your beardie protected from any falls and other injuries.

The actual bearded dragon must be placed in a soft breathable bag like a burlap or inside a plastic container if the animal is still small. There should be 5 holes in the plastic container to aid with breathing. Put strips of paper towels or dry newspaper in the cup or inside the bag to ensure that your pet doesn’t move around.

You will also need heat packs for heating the box. Prepare hot packs and put one on every side of the insulation foam. The packs must go inside the box between your dragon and the Styrofoam.

Put several newspapers on top then tape the box using one thick piece of tap on the top and bottom to allow easy opening. See to it that you include your address and important documents.

To sum it all up, while bearded dragons can go on planes, most airlines don’t let reptiles stay in the cabin. Others just allow these reptiles to travel in cargo but it may prove to be dangerous. Never ship your beardie as checked luggage at all costs.